Thursday, December 20, 2012

Students Designing and Fundraising for Dogs in Wheelchairs

Fritz the Dachshund, pictured above in his
drag bag for paralyzed pets, inspired a
Texas fourth grade class
Fritz the dachshund knows how to get around East Texas. Splitting his time between the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair and the Drag Bag for Paralyzed Pets, Fritz is always on the move. Fritz needs to move quickly in order to keep pace with his owner Teresa Roe, an innovative fourth grade science teacher who is inspiring the future of product design for handicapped pets.
One of several design drawings
received from the students
When Roe discovered that the drag bag was a bit too warm for some of the hottest summer days in Texas, she decided to challenge her students to develop a cooler version of the popular handicapped pet product. As a company that is committed to turning customer concerns into product improvements, was honored to receive the students' designs and scheduled a Skype session to further discuss their ideas. The question and answer session was broadcast on the local ABC news channel - click here to watch the news video of the story.
To acknowledge the students' design efforts, Mark Robinson, President of, presented each of them with wind up Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair toys. When the students realized that profits from the sale of the toys are donated to the Handicapped Pets Foundation, they wanted to help raise money so another pet in need could get a wheelchair this holiday season. Here is a video version of a PowerPoint presentation that the students sent to inform us of their fundraising success!  We have provided their powerpoint presentation in a video available below and at this link if your browser does not show the video.

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