Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nineteen Years and Counting on a Dog Wheelchair

Nineteen years and counting on a
dog wheelchair.  Can you help Micki
with a donation?
UPDATE - Micki has received enough donations, combined with a rescue discount from, to fully pay for her Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair!  Also, her friend Bailey has received a donated Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair from the family of a dog named Apollo who crossed over to Rainbow Bridge earlier this week.  Stay tuned for more updates on their progress.   Thank you for your support!

Nineteen year old Micki will not be adopted into a new home.  This lovely Golden retriever will spend her days in the care of a permanent foster home made possible by GRREAT, Inc. - a non-profit, volunteer organization that is dedicated to the rescue, foster care and placement of Golden retrievers in Maryland, northern Virginia, D.C., Delaware, south central Pennsylvania and eastern West Virginia. 

Micki is comfortable and enjoying her permanent foster home, but after nineteen long years, her legs are in need of some all around support.  Golden Retriever Rescue Education and Training - GRREAT contacted us for a rescue discount towards purchasing a Walkin' Wheels with front wheel attachment for Micki to enjoy some mobility in her golden years.  GRREAT has been rescuing and rehoming Golden retrievers since 1983, and they frequently assist with special needs cases, including a number of dogs who are having trouble walking on their own.

In addition to Micki, they have a younger gentleman by the name of Bailey who is also in need of a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair.  Bailey is ten years old and is receiving rehabilitative therapy in the hopes of recovering his mobility.  However, there is no guarantee that Bailey will fully recover, and a wheelchair can provide him with immediate mobility while he continues treatment.

Since custom made dog wheelchairs cannot be adjusted to fit different sizes of dogs, suggested that the rescue accept our significant discount towards the purchase of Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs for both Micki and Bailey.  In future years, as the need arises, these Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs can be resized in height, length and width to fit other Golden retriever rescue dogs.  We hope that you will join us in supporting the GRREAT efforts to help these dogs by making a contribution to their Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair fund by clicking here - select check box other on the form and indicate that your donation is for "Walkin' Wheels Fund".

On behalf of and GRREAT, Inc., thank you for your support of rescue dogs in need of Walkin' Wheels!


Amy Johnston said...

Hello! I know that the wheelchair must be "sized" but, when I got one for my large lab/pit mix, it was a bit too short so I purchased an extension and it is very easy to change according to size need. My dog passed very soon after I got it so, it is like new. I could donate it if you would like and if it will help. I have a rescue myself and know it is hard to make ends meet. :)

Unknown said...

Awww, bless her little heart! <3