Friday, May 03, 2013

Specially Abled Pets Worldwide

Coke from Thailand is all smiles in his
 new Walkin' Wheels
Following our previous post about today's celebration of National Specially Abled Pets Day, we received some suggestions from our friends in Australia who thought it appropriate that today should be an international event.  Since Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs and other products from are proudly assisting pets around the world, we couldn't agree more.

Whether your pet has a handicap, has suffered an injury or is recovering from an illness, wherever you are, we invite you to celebrate with us today.  If you prefer the term disabled, specially abled, handicapped or special needs, we welcome whatever terminology you are most comfortable using and hope that you will share a photo and/or tell us about your pet on our social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or You Tube.

Our profile pet of the week on Facebook is Coke from Thailand pictured above and seen in the video below.  Coke's recent rescue and adoption from a cruel life on the streets in Thailand has inspired his owner Michael Baines to bring greater awareness to the plight of these dogs through a documentary film.  See the filmmaking promo below or click here to watch.

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