Thursday, May 23, 2013

Surprise! We got your dog a wheelchair

Click here to see how Guinness got a surprise
dog wheelchair!
We learned of this heartwarming story out of Canada which was featured on CTV News earlier this month.

Guinness, a disabled cocker spaniel, recently spent some time at Paw and Order boarding kennel while his family was away on vacation.

When his family returned to pick Guinness up, he had a surprise for them - a brand new Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair from our Canadian dealer, Dog Wheelchairs Rentals and Sales, located in Calgary. 

We would like to congratulate Stephanie Shipley and the staff of Paw and Order kennel on their Maritimer of the Week award and for making such a positive difference in the life of a handicapped pet!

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TinyDogs Rule said...

Congratulations! What a delightful story for this pup! We love walking wheel boots at our house; help protect damaged paws and the wheelchairs make life fun and happy again! Good job, as always for handicappedpets products and support network :)