Thursday, July 11, 2013

Walkin' Pet Stroller for Dogs Cats Goats Pigs Now Available

Chris P. Bacon in the Walkin' Pet Stroller
By popular demand, is now offering the all NEW Walkin' Pet Stroller for the animal companions in your life who need, or maybe just want, to have a stroll once in a while.  Whether your dog, cat, goat or pig is handicapped or easily walks on all four limbs, he or she will enjoy the comfort and convenience of the Walkin' Pet Stroller from

This pet stroller features a compartment with ventilated mesh to keep your companion cool and protected from sunlight and insects.  Ideal for transporting all small dogs and cats or for use as a mobility aid with elderly, disabled or injured pets.

Chris P. Bacon, the fastest pig on two wheels, occasionally wants to save up his energy for sprinting along in his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair.  So, he uses the Walkin' Pet Stroller to arrive at his destination in comfort and style!

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