Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Military Dog Rolls into Retirement with Walkin Wheels

SSgt Julie Gibbs and MWD Kanto learned that MWD Kanto L212 was in need of a dog wheelchair so that he could enjoy his retirement.  Degenerative myelopathy was limiting Kanto's mobility, but it had not diminished his spirit or his desire to run and play just like any other dog. 

Our limited edition camouflage Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair arrived for him on Veterans Day 2013.  Thank you for your service, Kanto!  Best wishes on your retirement.  We look forward to following your progress.

Below are videos of MWD Kanto L212 during his career as a military working dog and recently as he regained his mobility with a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair.

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SSgt Julie Gibbs said...

Thank you SO much for what you've done for Kanto! It's wonderful to see him playing again. He is full of life and spirit despite his condition and we're all overjoyed to see him get a second chance at life. He surely deserves it. I can't thank you enough,

Sgt Gibbs