Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Paralyzed Kitten in Syria Takes First Steps

The following story is being shared from our Help and Advice Forum.  The story of Mimi - a stray kitten from the streets of Damascus, Syria demonstrates how pet caretakers all around the world are  both informed about and inspired by the products, services and support available at

Mimi before getting back on her feet
Hello to all sweet people and their pets here.  I just registered to the help and advice forum just now, to tell you my story with Mimi, the stray kitten I found two months back in the street in Damascus in Syria.  I want to tell this story to give hope and help to all pet owners who have a paralyzed cat or dog, because our story is success, and I got a lot of information which helped me from this site

This kitten I named Mimi was hit by a car or something.  I don't know, but I found her paralyzed under a car.  She couldn't move her back legs and she was very dirty (she made poo on herself,  I don't know since when, but her hair was full of dirt).  And she was not friendly at all because she was scared, and she was not cooperating at all.  We managed to put her in a carton very gently, because we thought her back is broken, because it looked so.  We took her to the vet and he told us it's a hopeless case and she won't walk again, and at the same time he refused to put her to sleep.  We asked him, is there any 1% chance she could walk?  He said try with her, she might have a chance because she is young, about four months old.  So here we started the journey with her, and I will tell you what we did exactly, that now she is walking.

First thing, my sister said we will call her 'Amal', which means HOPE in Arabic, and the nickname is 'Mimi'.  We took her home and we gave her a good bath and cleaned her from all dirt.  And we fed her chicken meat and bones (bones helped her a lot).  We gave her the head of the chicken so the bones were small and she could chew them easily.  So this was her main meal daily, chicken heads and the thick chicken soup, and also we boiled fish for her and fed her, and these foods were very good for her.  And we went to the pharmacy and bought a vitamin B supplement for infants and started giving her one tablet of this vitamin daily.  And I gave her betamethasone injections for five days (to reduce any swelling on her spinal cord, if there is any).  So these were her medicine and food.

Now the most important part of all is the physical therapy and massage we did for her.  I will explain it so you could understand how it helped.   (By the way, till this moment, I don't know if her back is broken or her hip, because I couldn't do an x-ray for her or take her to the vet again, due to the bad situation in Syria.)  Anyway...we started massaging her both legs daily, and rubbing them, and making bicycle movements to both of them.  And a few days after the accident Mimi started moving her legs slightly, and it looked like reflex, not intended movement, but we kept the hope and continued what we were doing.  And in two weeks' time, she started moving her legs more, and she could respond to pain when I pinched her, but the right leg was stronger.  And then I started water therapy (humble one).  I just filled warm water in a big container and put Mimi in it, and she would move her legs in the water by herself. 

Mimi standing tall with pride
We did all these things with no fail for two months, and today Mimi walked three steps on her own as she was chasing a bee, who was trying to share her chicken in the balcony where Mimi sits in the sun.  The sun was very good for her legs too, by the way... When I saw her walking three steps, I got excited and happy and wanted to register here to thank this forum, which gave me a lot of useful info, and to give hope to others.



Anonymous said...

I am a physical therapist assistant and am proud of you for doing this! Congradulations!!

Smilyblue & Smilypurple said...

So nice read a touching story, you are awesome for what you did! Congrats on your faith !!! :)))))

Smilyblue & Smilypurple said...

So awesome of you to save this pretty kitty, Congrats on your faith!!! :):):)