Thursday, May 22, 2014

Drop the G and Go with Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchairs

Denali goes swimmin' in her Walkin' Wheels #droptheg
As we head into summer and the number of outdoor activities increases for pets and their people, we want to know where your dog will go when you drop the g and head out with the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair.

We want to add to our collection of photos and stories of dogs living life to the fullest with Walkin' Wheels.  So, tell us with an email or post a photo to one of our social networks using the hashtag #droptheg.  Just copy, paste and fill in the blanks (Your dog's name) goes (drop the g activity) in his/her Walkin' Wheels #droptheg.

Nellie goes fetchin' in her Walkin' Wheels #droptheg
To get started, we are sharing a couple of our favorites.  We look forward to seein' how your dog will drop the g and go with Walkin' Wheels this summer and all year long!  Don't forget to drop the g when you post about your dog hikin', boatin', runnin', playin', etc.

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Of course, if you are on YouTube, we would love to see your video tagged with #droptheg

To learn more about Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs and other products for handicapped pets, click here.

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