Monday, November 24, 2014

Retired Medical Service Dog is Rolling with Walkin' Wheels

Chihuahua DJ in his Walkin' Wheels
DJ may weigh only 6 pounds, but that does not stop this wonder dog from getting back on his feet and continuing to lead a happy and healthy life.  Until recently, DJ was a medical service dog to his owner Christine.  After so many years of dutiful service to Christine, DJ was forced into an early retirement when he could no longer walk on his own. 

Knowing that DJ was depressed and wanted so much to enjoy the freedom of being able to run again, Christine turned to the Handicapped Pets Foundation for assistance in getting a wheelchair.  The Handicapped Pets Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides grants of mobility equipment to families with a demonstrated financial need. 

We were thrilled to receive this video of DJ using his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair for the very first time.  Christine was so happy to see DJ immediately running with the other dogs and enjoying life!  Watch below or click here.

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