Thursday, January 29, 2015

Paralyzed Dogs and Universal Understanding

Klein is an 11 year old miniature Schnauzer
paralyzed as a result of a lesion on the spine.
Normally language differences can be a barrier to communicating effectively with one another, and an interpreter is required.  In the caring for and devotion to one's dog that has become paralyzed, however, there is a seemingly universal understanding that transcends language differences as our friend Andre Kano in Brazil demonstrates in the following video.  The video is one of several produced by Pablo Vallejos in a project titled, "Falar sem parar", which translates in English to "Can't stop talking about."  Watch for just three minutes to see why Andre can't stop talking about his dog Klein that uses a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair.

UPDATE:  Shortly after adding this post to our blog, we were contacted by the film's producer who graciously added English subtitles that you can access by viewing below and clicking the CC button. Our thanks to Pablo Vallejos.

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