Thursday, March 12, 2015

Growing Dogs Using Adjustable Wheelchairs

Dex became a double rear leg amputee as a puppy.
The idea of a dog in a wheelchair has traditionally conjured up images of mostly old dogs whose injuries or advanced diseases have rendered them paralyzed without any hope of regaining their mobility. Older, permanently paralyzed pets used to dominate the market for dog wheelchairs for many years. However, with the advent of the fully adjustable Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair in 2008, a shift began to take place.

Now, dogs that are paralyzed at a young age have a dog wheelchair that can adjust as they gain weight and grow in height, length and width. Prior to Walkin' Wheels, a puppy such as Dex that lost his rear legs at only a few weeks of age, would have had to resort to the use of several custom built dog wheelchairs to accommodate his growth into an adult dog.

Dex full grown in his adjustable Walkin' Wheels
Instead, Dex grew with his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair and his owner only had to purchase larger, interchangeable wheels and struts for the fully adjustable frame. The Walkin' Wheels option was significantly more affordable and convenient.

Dex is also a duck hunting retriever, so he had his Walkin' Wheels custom painted in his favorite camouflage pattern. Dex received his Hunting Retriever Club "Started" title back in 2011. He and his family at Lindsay's Labs continue to inspire people worldwide. You can watch his Title Ceremony below, and read his full story as recently featured in the book, "Miracle Dogs - Adventures on Wheels" by Sandy Johnson.  The book is available for only $10.00, and 10% of the sale proceeds will be contributed to Retrieving Freedom, Inc. when you purchase your copy here.

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