Monday, October 05, 2015

Gypsy's New Mobility

For years, our 13-year-old 82 lb. female German Shepherd dog has been dealing with a weakened rear end as a result of Spondylosis of the spine.  Otherwise, she is very alert. We decided to try the Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair and she is so glad we did. At first, we just ordered the large chair and while the included sling was working for her, we quickly decided to also get her the Walkin' Lift Rear Dog Harness, too. It is more comfortable for her and it is also easier to get her into the wheelchair. We are happy to say she took to this new mobility from the beginning.

After a few seconds of wanting to back up, we encouraged her to move forward. Following the instructions, we kept her first walk to a minute and provided lots of praise. Every morning we've gone a little bit further, pausing whenever she wanted to rest. This morning she finished her 5th day of walking. She probably could have kept going, but we eventually turned her around so that she’d have enough energy to make it home on her own. Once home, she heads right for the gate to show off her ride to our other two German Shepherds.

This newfound mobility has really improved her mood and attentiveness. So far, she has been able to pee in the wheelchair with no mess. We only use the wheelchair to take her for a formal walk and so far, we've not left her in the Rear Dog Harness. For our family, this has been a great purchase. The only issue we've had is the third day she dragged the tops of her feet on the pavement, which caused a nail to bleed. She doesn't like the rear leg slings at all, so we are experimenting with socks and Velcro straps. The latest experiment is dipping the end of the socks in liquid latex rubber from the art supply store.

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