Thursday, January 28, 2016

Walkin’ Wheels Made a Difference in Goofy’s Recovery!

Thank you for following up!
I believe Walkin’ Wheels made a difference in Goofy’s recovery, so I would like to share his story.
Goofy suffered an unfortunate blow to his back, and as time progressed he lost all use of his back legs. It was a dumb accident: while cleaning, the pole of the broom fell onto his lower back, hitting him pretty hard. It was impossible to know whether he would ever be able to use his legs again. I assumed the worst, but hoping maybe it could only get better.
His first steps with the Walkin’ Wheels were funny, laughable, even; he was perplexed. He looked at me with his big brown eyes asking what do I do? The first days, I adjusted the Wheels until they fit perfectly, but as you can see in the picture I was not quite there yet.
After using the Wheels for a little while, I noticed here was some movement in his back legs, as if he wanted to use them as he ran, they weren’t just hanging there anymore. Then, slowly but surely he started to use his legs without them touching the ground, of course. It encouraged him and provided him with the opportunity; it was therapy and it worked!
Today he is walking again, not yet with the strength he had before but he is getting better, every day a little bit better.

Fortunately the nerves in his back seemed not to be damaged, but because of the blow he suffered they were swollen, and since there was no room to accommodate the swelling, the nerves were compressed and blocked all signals. But they are growing back to normal now and his movement is coming along.
I think Walkin’ Wheels made a positive contribution for a better rehabilitation and stimulation to the use of his legs.
If his nerves had been permanently damaged, Walkin’ Wheels would have become part of his body. He adapted rapidly and was very confident using them, playing in the wheels and running in them; they had become part of him.
For my part I can say that they are very easy to use, both putting them on and taking them off.
It is with great pleasure that I can say he doesn’t need them anymore; I can only stay positive and hope he continues to progress every day.
Thank you Walking Wheels!

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